Monday, September 26, 2005

The Green Spot and the Water Bill

After watching the lawn dry out this summer and a snakey green patch grow from the hydrant to the house I finally realized that the high waterbill and the evergreen patch could only mean one thing. A leak in the water line!!!

After a soggy dig at the lushest green spot the leak was located. A previous repair job in evidence with pin sized holes spraying out into a gurgling puddle. I shut off the main and replaced the section with some galvanized pipe, then later replaced the galvanized with some cpvc. Now that spot will dry out like the rest of the lawn. All the easier to thatch and re-seed and start watering from the top next summer.


mokusa said...

You could plant leaky pipes undergrond in some kind of a fun design and call it lawn art.

El Snoozo said...

If you had left that thatch till winter it would be the area with the most ice as well...I still want to buy my own home, but the one thing I like about renting is just calling the landlord and telling them about an odd green patch in the lawn.