Friday, August 05, 2005

Freaky Friday

Sorry for the graphic image. This scene was right outside
on the corner of the house in Klawock. The boys next door
were soaking the heads of their deer. Supposedly to get the
antlers off easier. But I was suprised to come walking around
the corner and see the submerged staring deer eye looking at
me though blood tinted water. We went for a drive out to sandy
beaches yesterday and saw plenty of living deer on the way back.
I'll be posting some living deer images soon.


El Snoozo said...

Bambi II: The Aftermath

Rosco Valdez said...

Hey, I think I recognize this one...isn't that Rubbermaid?

Jack Brummet said...
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Jack Brummet said...

I saw a lot of that when I was a child. Tweren't nothing to see a 1958 Chevy come back to town with a couple of bucks tied to the hood.

Truth be told, I ate a fair amount of venison and elk growing up. I think the last time I ate deer was in the mid-60's (although I ahave eaten boar since then). I can't say I miss it, or scenes like your disturbing photograph.

mokusa said...

Ummmm, Ice tea anyone?